Get some fresh air

If we were to calculate how much time we spend in concrete buildings during our lifetime, the number would be astoundingly high. Unless you work in nature, you probably do not spend enough time outside in the environment. This is why your day off is the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air outside and do some outdoors activities. Such things as simple as taking a 20–30 min walk in a park can make a huge difference, not only on how you feel that very day, but it will help your psyche as you go through your everyday grind. Being in nature Get some fresh air is very good therapy to release all kinds of stress and anxiety. Personally, I make it a point to go biking on my days off, it’s not only great exercise, but I get to breathe better air than if I were indoors, and it makes my day off even more unique and interesting. Your day off shouldn’t be spent in front of a TV or a computer. You probably do enough of that during the week.

Treat yourself

Your day off should in fact be rewarding. So this is the ideal time to spoil yourself a Get some fresh air little. Do something nice for yourself, such as getting a massage, go shopping, eat at your favorite restaurant, and the likes. When you associate your day off with a reward, regardless of what it may be, you will not only look forward to your day off, but you will increase your appreciation of it. This is what we ultimately want to truly enjoy a day off. For example, I know people that do not look forward to a day off because they have associated it with something they do not enjoy. Sure, work can be fun, you can love your Get some fresh air job, but no matter how much you love your work, you should love your day off even more. So treat yourself well on your day off and make it a day where you reward yourself for all the hard work that you do during your week.

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